Wednesday, January 8, 2014

La Paz

After a short, two hour bus ride, I made it into La Paz a few nights ago. I'm getting ready to head out to where I'll board the ferry, which will take me to mainland Mexico! Pretty excited.

I've been having a great time here. Yesterday, I ran into Rodney for the third on this tour. Rodney is the motorcycle tourist, riding around the world. We hung out and went into downtown La Paz to do some sight-seeing and to get some info on the ferry from the tourist center.

In central La Paz, we ran into Craig, from New York... Craig is the guy who lives in a van with four Baja dogs he's adopted. Super cool dude. I was planning on meeting up with him in La Ventana, but my plans changed. I was bummed we wouldn't cross paths again, then bam, there he was in La Paz. It's super cool running into friends Ive met on the road.

Anyway, gotta get packed up and get out of La Paz... The ferry leaves at 2:30, but i need to be there a good bit earlier.

Here are some pictures.


  1. you look soooo good!! nice to see pics of the cool people you've met. love you!